From Windows to Mac OS X

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In this site I will put some of the differents softwares and tools that I like to use in my Mac computers.
As I also work on Windows a lot (I’m currently writing this post on my PC >< ) I will provide some useful tools to help people who wants to switch from Windows to Mac OS X.

Forget about Mac OS 9 or less… It was nice to use it but really… I was missing so much of the power that Mac OS X is now providing! I began with Mac OS 7.2 on a PowerPC 7200… not my best memories.

I’m French Canadian, so some of the posts may be also in French and obviously (well maybe) some of the comments will also. I invite you also to subscribe to this blog to write some posts or propose some tools that you know. This site is not for advertising in any kind… so I’ll check that it will stay as is.



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