French Canadian Keyboard Layout / Clavier Canadien-Français

Update: You can get the latest version here:

As I said, I’m a French Canadian… that means that I write with some accents… éàèì… not ì but ho well… you get the point.

Also, that doesn’t means that we use the azerty keyboard… so we have the qwerty keyboard with a some different layout on some keys. The problem with standard… is that they do everything so there is as many as possible!

The one I like and that many people are using is the one that Apple don’t provide. The one that you first press the accent then the vowel (except for the é).

so ^e = ê, ¨e=ë , ¸c=ç, etc.

That keyboard exist on the web… really hard to find, in fact the keyboard layout was created by Sébastien Guillemette but his website doesn’t exist anymore… So I provide you this file here and I also give you a link of another website that provide that wonderful little keyboard so I don’t become crazy.

I use it on Mac OS X 10.5 and it works perfectly.

French Canadian keyboard layout (not the Canadian – CSA keyboard layout) for Mac OS X (10.2+).
This keyboard layout is the one we mostly use in the french divide of Canada (Quebec).

Uncompress the ZIP file and copy the cf.keylayout file in

/Library/Keyboard Layouts
~/Library/Keyboard Layouts

Then Logoff and Login again (or reboot), you have now the keyboard in your list.

Mac OS X keyboard layout (French Canadian)

With some other explanation…

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  2. chouclaque says:

    Merci beaucoup!!
    je commençais à être tanné du “canadien français-CSA”… je me demande pourquoi les gens chez Mac ont raté ça.

  3. chouclaque says:

    correction: pas chez Mac mais plutôt chez Apple…